Photo Enlarger Review: Increase Resolution without Losing Quality

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22 Desember 2021, 08:37 WIB Last Updated 2021-12-22T01:37:54Z
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Image upscaling is one of the best editors for portrait images as it can stretch a low-resolution image into higher quality. The same function goes with the AI photo Upscaler, but it is more automated. Instead of doing things manually, it uses the power of artificial intelligence to generate and enhance the image - resulting in much better and precise picture quality. 

Photo Enlarger

The most common reason why people look for photo enlarger is that they want to enlarge their photos to print out. However, if you want to print a high-quality picture, you must keep the original image quality. Otherwise, a picture upscaled too much may lose its quality. Increasing image size by running AI photo enlarger software can help you balance the enlargement and image quality:

In this article, we are going to introduce three online photo enlargers helping you to increase image resolution without losing quality. If you are designe, editor, or blogger, you will definitely increase efficiency by using these AI software to enhance your photo automatically. Let's get started.

1. Imgupscaler

Imgupscaler is a free web-based photo upscaling application. By using an AI to upscale your images, Imgupscaler performs next-level enchantment to your photos with a faster, reliable, and safer process. Compared with other online photo enhancing tools, this platform is well-known as a batch processing feature. It makes it possible to upscale face portraits, animal photos, as well as anime and cartoon screens. 

How to Upscale Photo without Losing Quality by Imgupscaler

Step 1: Click the link to open the website: https://imgupscaler.com/.

Step 2: You can easily upload the desired photo/video by dragging or dropping it. 

Step 3: Wait 10-15 seconds for the upscaling process. 

Step 4: Save the enhanced image by hovering the mouse on the upscaled picture.


  • It can enhance different images such as anime, animals, along portraits. 
  • It is competitive towards Photoshop. 
  • It can upscale images up to 4k. 
  • fewer limitations for a free account. 
  • The output quality is high. No watermark appears on the final work.


  • 10 images can be upscaled per week for a free account.
  • It may need more time to process the large size images.

2. Deep Image 

Deep Image is another cool online photo enhancer supporting single or batch images upscaling. Aiming to reconstruct a high-resolution image from a low-resolution image. Deep Image remove JPG artifacts and unwanted noise in seconds. The layout and processing are also made simpler so anyone can use them. You can use it for free or consider purchasing it. 


Photo Enlarger

How to Upscale Photo without Losing Quality by Deep Image 

Step 1: Click the link to open the website: https://deep-image.ai/.

You will see two options for inserting images: Either single or by batch. You can easily upload the desired photo in that space. 

Step 2: You will be asked to choose the output size you like.

Step 3: Wait for Letsenhance to convert the original picture into a bigger one.

Step 4: Click on the “Download” button to save the enhanced image.


  • It is simple and easy to use. 
  • It can be enhanced by batch for a much more convenient experience.
  • Provides different upscaling types: photo and digital art.


  • Only the service goes towards PNG and JPG. 
  • Features are very limited for a free account.

3. Imglarger

Compared with imgupscaler and Deep Image, imglarger is more likely a photo enhanceing toolkit where you can take advantage of specific tool to enhance and beautify the pictures. This website allows you to enlarge photo, colorize old photo, sharpen blurry images, enhance color and contrast, and retouch the face. 

Photo Enlarger

How to Use Imglarger to Increase Image Resolution? 

  1. Create a free account by submitting your username and email.
  2. Log in to your account and upload the image you want to enlarge.
  3. Hit the button or drop the image in the space provided.
  4. Choose upscaling times(2x, 4x, 8x), click “Start” to process the rendering. 
  5. Preview and effect and get the image stored on your desktop.


  • Strong Artificial Intelligence System
  • Up to an 800% increase in size
  • Provides four unrestricted image enhancement solutions.
  • Web-based applications, Desktop App, and Mobile apps are all available on Android and iOS.


  • Sometime it needs a bit long time to enlarge photos. (depends on internet connection)
  • The free testing of Imglarger is only for limited use. But it is still great for testing the tool. 

Photo Enlarger

Is AI Image Upscaler Safe to Work? 

Most AI photo upscaler, especially the ones mentioned, are safe to use for everyone. It protects users' privacy by deleting all the data gathered every day. The images you upload go into the private servers that automatically refresh regularly. Usually, the websites don't offer any harm to users but rather assistance. 

Is AI Image Upscaler Better than Traditional Photo Editor?

It depends. what you need. AI image enlarger is the first choice if you don’t have professional photo editing skills. You save your time but get good results. Most AI image enlargers can finish the task automatically, and what you only need to do is to upload the original picture.

However, AI image upscaler has its limitations. You can neither customize your images nor achieve a greater variety of effects. To meet more needs of photo editing, you have to use some traditional software such as Photoshop or GIMP.


Image resolution is very important when it comes to creating a great visual effect for your website or blogging platform. A high-quality image sometimes tells a good story better than words or text. If you want to increase the personal impact on social media, don’t ignore the role of pictures.

The photo enlargers we have mentioned in this article are very friendly for beginners. By using these advanced tools, you will perform like a pro. And your picture will be easier to browse and display, and print. 

The AI photo Upscaler function is very effective for people's photos, especially for it can generate accurate and natural-looking skin tone and make you look younger. It also performs very well on landscape scenery as well as portraits. With the AI photo Upscaler it is easy to create a more realistic images, to increase picture quality without losing any details.